Divorce Rate On The World Essay

881 Words Nov 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Divorce rate on the world has increased in recent years. Young people have been more aware of single life and married life. Therefore, instead of getting marriage with risk of divorce, many people choose a single life to have opportunities for other things that they probably cannot afford if they are married. However, married life brings feelings of love that is quite different from the one in single life. Depending on everyone’s conception, getting marriage or not is a choice that is based on two main aspects: freedom and responsibilities. It can be seen clearly that single life is freer than married life. Even though people live with their parents or not, single life is always freer than married life in some angles. In single life, people have more free time because they do not have to take care of their partner or children. They have more time to go out with friends or enjoy their hobbies such as planting, drawing, playing the music or even studying. As a result, they have more relationships with these activities. They have more friends having the same sense of purpose that can support them to develop. For instance, people studying the guitar in a center meet each other and they found a band after that. They can practice their skills until midnight and do not to worry about time to go home. Single people have a wide world waiting for them to explore after work. Nevertheless, on the other hand, married people do not have as much freedom as single people. Married people…

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