Divorce Negative Effects On Family Essay

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Divorce negative effects on family
Divorce is a heavy decision making between couples, this situation becomes even more complicated when their children get involved. As divorce has become more and more common is this society, it is necessary to study the negative effects on children in divorce family. Since many children do not adjust their life well after their parents gets divorced. Life becomes more stressful because of the economic loss and the loss of their parents. Therefore, divorces of parents cause many bad effects on their children.
In this paper I will be analysis three pieces of literature; they are a website, a magazine and a peer reviewed scholarly journal. The name of the website is MDRC, and the name of the article is “The effects of marriage and divorce on families and children.” By Gordon Berlin. The second piece of the literature is article from a magazine. The name of the article is LIFE CHANGES AFTER THE DIVORCE by Stahl Philip. The last piece of literature is a peer review scholarly article by Constance R Ahrons. The name of the article is Family Tie After Divorce: Long-Term Implications for Children.
Website Critique
Content & Coverage.
The content of this website is a more scholarly rather than general, in the website it discuss about the marriage, divorce, and single parenthood issue, as well as context and low-income families. (Berlin1) the information from this article is secondary, because the author uses other people’s study to…

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