Divorce Is The Most Horrible Word For All Of Us Essays

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Divorce is the most dreadful word for all of us. It breaks many relations at a time without any delay. It is right that in America the divorce is increasing day by day and they government and nation have not found any solution to reduce or even to denounce the divorces from the country. According to my view divorce is the most furious and damaging aspect of relations and nation peace and prosperity. The rate of divorce in the United States refers to the number of divorces that has been occurring in the population during a specific time period. According to previous studies 29% first marriages was disputed end with separation and divorce within the time of 10 years. It is the most common fact of the United States that 50% marriages end in divorce eventually. As per the National Survey of Family Growth forecast lifelong probability of 50 % marriage ended with divorce. There are some key perspectives that may leave an unresolvable impact on divorce rate include race, importance of religion between couples of different religions, family of origin and timing of the first baby birth. Currently in America divorce rate is increasing and marriage rate is decreasing. The law of divorce in the United States has varied from state to state. In fact, most of the states allow their people with “no fault” divorce proceedings. There are only few states who wish to reduce the divorce rate and these states proceed it in a court on account of the behavior of both participants when the court…

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