Divorce Is The Act Becoming More And More Popular Over The Years

1125 Words May 27th, 2016 null Page
“To love and cherish till death do us part.” These words are most commonly used for wedding vows, yet what if the parting came before death. In the U.S this is often the case, divorce is the act becoming more and more popular over the years. I grew up with divorced parents which in the time made me realize a lot, yet it also caused me suffer from confusion. However, there’s more to divorce than meets the eye. Divorce is an expectation; American culture has nurtured it to be a common factor among the masses. Behind the splitting of assets and moving around divorce has a long history. Not to mention the process, and cost of a divorce these are only some of the obstacles on the separation checklist. Adding to it breaking a marriage affects everyone involved from the partners to the children, and most more often than not separations can cause mental and emotional damage. All of which can lead up to poor health and wellbeing, yet the rate of divorces in the U.S increase year by year. Divorce is a common factor in America and understanding its history is important. First and foremost, divorce is the action of legal dissolution of a marriage by a court or other competent body. For instance, the act of separation dates back century’s according to Stephanie Coontz’s “The Origins of Modern Divorce” states that divorce isn’t anything new and it holds historical meaning. Coontz stated “During the reign of the Roman Empire (27BC to 14AD), a law was introduced requiring seven witnesses…

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