Positive Effects Of Divorce On Children

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"Couples who make it are not the ones who never had a reason to get divorced. They simply the ones who decided early on that their commitment to each other was always going to be bigger than their differences and flaws" (Willis). If everyone could get the people to think this way, just think how happy the world would be, adults and children would not have to suffer. Divorce is painful for children and it should be harder to get a divorce if the family has minors.
First the person must look to see how the divorce starts. Most divorces have occurred because the couple has drifted apart, this is what hurts the children the most (Doherty). Sometimes couples fall apart because people change over time (Abrams 8). Would a person really want their
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"If there is violence or extreme conflict, or if the marriage is so bad it leaves the primary parent, usually the mother, so depressed she can not parent effectively" (Bryant 28). After divorce the parents may become very depressed and may turn to drugs and alcohol to ease their pain. When parents become so depressed they can not function, they may not be able to properly care for their children (Abrams 63). Children that have divorced parents, or even parents that are unhappy together are more likely to suffer with depression, drugs and alcohol abuse, and suicidal thoughts (Willet). A drop in academic performance might appear to a child after a divorce (Abrams 46). Most couples think that once they are divorced everything will be fine. "Divorced couples often continue to fight with as much anger and bitterness as they did when they were married" (Abrams 45). Once the person is remarried after a divorce, there can be conflicts between the two households if the family has kids. There is often tension between stepparents and stepchildren (Administration 25). Girls sometimes have a hard time having a good relationship with their dad after a divorce (Abrams 47). "[When parents divorce] negotiating the difference between the mother 's world and the father 's world leads to confusion and stress among the children and can have lasting consequences" (Bryant 26). When a child 's parents divorce, that forces them to think they have to keep things from either parent, and they can not find way to fix this problem so they keep blaming themselves for it (Bryant 29). Often children will blame one parent more than the other for the divorce because of things the other parent says about the other (Abrams 58). This is bad for a child because then they will start to choose favorites and might not want to go see one of their parents. Many children felt like they had to be two different people around their mom and dad

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