Divorce In Teens And Children

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Divorce is a very common occurrence in the United States, because it affects multiple children and teens throughout their everyday life. Imagine one day your parents come to talk to you and they said that they were splinting up. Just imagine all the feelings you would be feeling at that very moment. At that very moment your life has changed forever and it will never go back to the same. This happens to many teens and children on a daily basis. Children with divorced parents usually have a more difficult time academically, struggle mentally, physically, behaviorally, and may have a lot of problems with their parents than children with married parents. Students that have divorced parents have a more difficult time in school. There are …show more content…
For example if a child was not afraid of the dark before the divorce after the divorce the child could start having the fear of the dark. A possible reasoning for this is because of the stress the children are put under could make the child develop an irrational fear of something they have never been afraid of before. In addition, children with divorced parents have greater chance of using drugs and alcohol (Parker). People who use drugs and alcohol have a greater chance of getting sick. On a study of seventy-two people , children who had divorced parents were more likely to commit crimes. (Fagen).This could also be because of the drugs and alcohol because they change people’s judgment and than they do some things that him or her would regret in his or her future. Many times, children with divorced parents have immature behavior of acting out a lot is because they want more attention from his or her parents (Lloyd). If children are not getting even attention it makes them feel lonely, so they try to and get the attention back by acting out. A study ,that was made to look at how divorce affects people negatively and positively, said that children between the ages of six through eleven had more of a behavior change from their parents divorce (Lloyd). A possible reasoning for this is because children younger than that might be too young to experience the worse of the divorce. The people twelve and older have already developed their personality, so it is a little bit more difficult for them to have their personality changed.The behavior for children with divorced parents also depend on if the child is a boy or a girl. Boys are usually more aggressive and disobedient, while the girls are usually more anxious and depressed (Jane). Children of divorce usually have a more difficult time physically and behaviorally than children without divorced

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