Divorce In Children And Adolescents

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Throughout life, adolescents face difficult decisions. Adolescents’ decisions are influenced by advice given by their parents. Divorce is becoming more common in America now than any other time in history. Throughout divorce the main focus is not on the children, but they are the main ones who suffer emotionally, physically, and mentally. “50% of all North-American children will witness the divorce of their parents. Almost half of them will also see the breakup of a parent’s second marriage.” (children-and-divorce.com) Children should never have to experience any kind of pain nor should they have to mature faster than normal. Kids should be allowed to have a childhood full of fun and happiness, not the stress of a divorce of their parents. “Half of all divorces involve children.” (orderinthequart.wordpress.com) Many problems, including psychological distress, engaging in poor decisions, and separation anxiety, may arise in adolescents as a result of divorced parents. Children are often the main ones who are affected during the process of their parents’ divorce. Psychological distress is common in many children who experience divorce. Trust issues arise when parents separate, especially if one parent cheats or lies to the other. If one …show more content…
Divorce can lead to many different home lives, but typically a kid ends up living with one parent and hardly ever sees the other. It can cause a home life to become positive, because there is less conflict. On the other hand it can cause a home life to become negative, because the parent, in which the child is living with, may become depressed and lonely until he or she has enough courage to move on with his or her life. Many adults become consumed with his or her own problems during divorce that he or she forgets about the child’s feelings and concerns, but other parents may turn to the child for his or her own comfort and

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