Divorce : Divorce And Divorce Essay

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It 's difficult to say how many marriages end up in divorce, but I think most of us know at least a few people who have been divorced. In fact, many of us know more people who have been divorced than have stayed in a marriage that lasted until death!

There are causes of divorce that are well-known. The thing that is less known is that it has just as much to do as when you get married and what type of family you come from as how you act in the marriage. In fact, when you get married and what type of family life you have been exposed to can be the deciding factor on how you act in the marriage and whether or not you are headed for a divorce.

Statistics say that 60 percent of marriages that happen between the ages of 20 and 25 result in divorce. In addition, children who have divorced parents have a higher chance of getting a divorce, especially if the spouse also comes from a divorced home. What does this tell us? The causes of divorce often have to do with a lack of experience in life and in love, which is expected of younger people, and poor relationship values adopted from childhood because children learn what they live, and then act on it. Let 's take a look at what those are.

Meddling Friends And Family Who Influence Your Thoughts And Behaviors

It 's bad enough when you have meddling friends and family who are actually thriving in a healthy relationship, but when you have family concerned about the decisions you are making because of your age, or injecting their…

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