Divorce : Causes And Effect On Family Essay

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Divorcing can be a very stressful thing to go through; it can change someone’s whole life. There are many causes that lead to spouses getting a divorce. When getting divorced, there could be numerous effects on the family. Views on divorce can vary greatly, especially concerning the church. The study of divorce shows causes of divorce, effects on family, and views on divorce. When couples marry, none of them intend to get divorced. They promise to be loyal to each other and stick together through the good and bad times (Johnson 6). Divorce can be caused by many reasons: personality differences, visions of how married life should be, or common interest. When children are involved in the divorce, everything is more complicated. Therefore, the parents could cause a scene over who gets custody of their child (Price 8-9). “Money enables people to buy many things; unfortunately, it can’t buy happiness, love, or a last relationship.” Going into a marriage without discussing money can cause a very big gap that later will pop up. There are certain expectations of one another that they should meet financially, and when those are not met money starts to become an arguing matter. Many times the spouse uses money as a symbol of power in the marriage. “Money is a symbol of what the real problem is. The fight really isn’t about money; it’s about love-the lack and expression of it” (Why Money Is the Leading Cause of Divorce n.pag.). In spite of trying to make your divorce less complicated…

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