Divorce And Its Effects On Children Essay

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A divorce happens when married couples decide not to live together anymore and no longer want to be married to each other. If married couples had children and want a divorce, then one of the parents will have custody of the children and make an arrangement for them to meet with the other parent. Some parents agree that their divorce had an effect on their children’s behavior, but other say no. This view, however, conflict of observed studies. Divorce have a greater effect on the children than a death of one parent. It’s true that divorce is not the best or not the worst option, but, either way, it still can affect iron the children. How children would change if their parents are going to have a divorce because of its psychological effects, emotional effects, and marital conflict on children.

In fact, one of the most effective ways that most divorced children’s behavioral change is the partial loss of one parent. This start when the children are living with one parent without the other. For example, “ Forty-two percent (teens) lived with just one parent; in most cases, it was because the parents had divorced, Teens & Relationships, Chapter 3 Page 36.” This quote tells us that 42% of divorced teens who are living with one parent instead of two. Another example, “Sixteen-year-old Matt Crellin told the Maine Sunday Telegram about his trouble relating to his divorced parents, who were living in different towns, Teens & Relationships, Chapter 3 Page 39. This quote talks about…

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