Divorce And Its Effect On Children Essay

1431 Words Feb 23rd, 2016 null Page
Divorce There is more to divorce than what people may think. A lot of factors like your age, how long people have been married, and even your educational level can determine if you are susceptible for a divorce. Many people do not know that there are in fact, many different types of divorces. Each having their own separate processes along with the steps that go with for everything that would go with getting a divorce. The same follows for each state and their laws for getting a divorce. Divorce in general is hard on people. Especially on children, since each child takes the news and expresses it differently. The effects of a divorce can carry along with a child throughout their adulthood. There are many things a person does not know about divorce. To sum things up there are four main types of divorces, but it is estimated that 95 percent of all divorces in the U.S. are uncontested divorces. The type of divorce you get is determined by how willing you are to work together with your husband or wife in the process of getting the divorce. The first main type is uncontested. A uncontested divorce is when a couple has all of their property, finances, child custody, and all other conflicts figured out before they head in to end things. The next divorce is simplified. It is almost like a uncontested divorce but this type takes place when there are very few things for the coupe to fight over. Simplified divorces tends to be the fastest because there are not many things for the…

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