Essay about Divorce And Its Effect On American Society

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Today, divorce is not quite as stigmatized as it once was, but it is still a very touchy subject in certain parts of the United States. For example, “Despite its widespread legalization, in many cultures divorce comes with the price of social stigma. Divorced women, in particular, are viewed negatively. Divorced Muslim women tend to be seen as bad parents and wives in their societies. In India, divorced women have great difficulty remarrying and tend to be viewed more harshly than men, even when they had been physically abused by their husbands”(Divorce,). Over time, laws and perceptions of marriage and divorce have changed drastically, especially in the United States. At one point, divorce was a last resort and was greatly frowned upon. Yet, today, the average marriage barely lasts 11 years. About 53 percent of all marriages will end in divorce. The rising number of divorces is having a devastating effect on American youths. One of the earliest recorded divorces in the United States was recorded in the Colony of Massachusetts Bay. In 1629, they created a tribunal that dealt with divorces only. For example, “The concept of divorce is as ancient as the concept of marriage itself. In ancient Mesopotamia, the husband-to-be and his future father-in-law would draw up a contract prior to the wedding. The contract stipulated all legal aspects of the marriage, including how much money the father-in-law would receive in exchange for his daughter.” This legislative body was…

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