Divorce And Its Definition Of Marriage Essay

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Marriage ends often in divorce due to marrying young, the expectations placed on it, living together before marriage, and women’s independence. In this research paper, I will be discussing divorce and its definition. I will also discuss what sociological theorists are saying regarding divorce in the research that I’ve read and reviewed. It is interesting to see how the reason for divorce continues to change, but as society sees fit with their definition of marriage, divorce, and even what is considered to be a couple then theories are developed .
In order to understand divorce, it is important that we begin by defining what marriage is since divorce wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for the step of marriage. According to our book, Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach (12th edition), it defines marriage as: “A group’s approved mating arrangements, usually marked by a ritual of some sort (the wedding) to indicate the couple’s new public status” (Henslin, 452). The mere indication that a marriage is consummated depending on the custom of some cultures and societies is interesting since it is what is done in all cultures and societies in their own way so that it is accepted in the eye of the public. An interesting fact, during my research that I found is that no matter where in the world it occurs, it is done differently. And usually consists of one bride and one groom, but not always effectuated by sexual relationship as some of the examples of different cultures and…

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