Divorce And Homosexual Marriage And How It Affects Children Essay

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Divorce and Homosexual Marriage and How it Affects Children Parent relationships play a huge role in a child’s development. A child learns what is appropriate, how to behave and are shown what a fundamental marriage looks like. If their parent’s relationship concludes in divorce, they will not see a truly successful relationship causing the child to have some short and long-term effects hindering them in their life. Homosexual marriage also has some lasting effects on a child because of the irregular parenting style in a society where heterosexual marriage is common. Divorce and homosexual marriage can create potential short and long-term effects, demonstrating that heterosexual marriage is in the best interest of the children. Many children go through a divorce at some point in their life. Statistics show that in a year, approximately one million children under eighteen experience their parent’s divorce. To put this into perspective, this is about forty percent of children. Since 1960, the divorce rate has been doubling just about every decade (Matthews 1). Psychologist, Judith Wallerstein, performed a study where she interviewed children of a divorce eighteen months, five, ten, fifteen and twenty-five years after the divorce of their parents. After twenty-five years, she states, “Even 25 years after the divorce, these children continued to experience substantial expectations of failure, fear of loss, fear of change, and fear of conflict” (Desai 2). This insists that it…

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