Divorce And Effects On Teenagers Essay

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Divorce and Effects on Teenagers Divorce and the impact on teenagers can be very painful. How does divorce actually affect a teenagers’ life? My son was a teenager during my divorce with his father and he felt angry, sad and even had problems in school. Although teenagers have no control of their parents’ choices when it comes to divorce, they do have feelings of anger, sadness, they have to go between two households and they even have issues in school when their grades begin to go down.
Most teenagers feel angry toward everyone when it comes to their parents getting a divorce. They would feel this way is because the impression they have is that they are the reason the divorce is happening, even though they are usually not the cause of divorce. They will become defiant towards everyone and will not want to do anything that they are asked to do, they may even scream out of anger. A lawyer by the name of Jolivet explained that “When asked what the teens wanted their parents to know they said that that divorce “hurts”, “sucks” and “that they don’t want to be blamed for it” or “caught in the middle.” (Jolivet 175). It is much harder on teens when they have to grow up in a one parent household. They do not have both parents to talk to and go to when they need something. Throughout the divorce process sometimes teenagers feel resentful toward one parent. Sometimes they will feel resentful to both parents. My son had a lot of anger during this time.
Teenagers have a…

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