Essay on Divorce and Covenant Marriages

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Keeping American Families Together
Hannah Dampier The United States of America is the land of the free and the home of the brave; however, it can also be called the country that holds the highest divorce rates. America’s divorce rate in 2010 was at forty one percent and is still currently growing (Divorce Rates by Country). Forty percent of these divorces had children involved (Divorce Rates in America). With such shocking statistics, it is easy to see that America’s divorce system is in dire need of change. Since divorce can ruin families, harm a child’s all around well-being, and holds the potential of being prevented, there should be more strict regulations to receive a divorce and a stronger push for covenant marriages. Before
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Even if a child does not always show it, there is usually a hidden heartache that they will never be part of a whole family like their friends might be. This can cause harsh feelings towards the parent or parents that filed for the divorce and thoughts such as love does not really exist and that there is no such thing as a happy ending for couples.
One parent homes are also more likely to be poor than those homes with two possible incomes. Parents are suddenly stressed with having to manage bills and run a household without a similar support structure behind them. They are faced with the burden of knowing that they are keeping their child away from the other parent. The child will never have the same type of family time that other children can receive because they have both parents around at the same time. It can put pressure on the parents by making them think that they might possibly have to outdo the other parent, whether it be in gifts or in attending every event the child does. Children’s constant need can also add strain to a single parent’s life (Andrew).
Another possible damaging factor of divorce is the possible remarriage. Remarriage can be hard for a child or teenager in the way that they feel that one parent is trying to replace the other. It can also cause conflict between the child and new “parent.” In many cases of remarriage the addition of new step siblings is introduced.

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