Essay on Divorce : A Child 's Point Of View

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Divorce: A Child’s Point of View

At the age of seven years old I had witnessed my mother countless times. I never really understood why at the time, but never did I think it would be because of my father. Some may call it in denial since indeed I did witness the minor disagreements day after day, but others may just call it a child’s state of mind since I obviously was only seven years old. Although it was a decade and so ago and some memories have faded there is one in particular that has always stayed with me. It was just a regular day at home with both my mom and dad. They were sitting down having a normal conversation and then all of a sudden, it escalated quickly. My parents had always had disagreements but they would always try their best to remain calm in front of me, no matter what. So, it was very surprising to see them raising their voices and arguing with me sitting right there. In fact it was so shocking to me, that I started crying and went upstairs to my room. Although I do not remember word for word what was said that day, I do remember hearing my dad say, “I’M NOT DOING THIS” and then slamming the front door shut. Once he was gone, my mom came up to my room
“Are you okay?”, she said with her eyes and nose red from crying.
“Yes,” I replied.
“Okay”, she said quietly and went back downstairs.
I knew she wasn’t okay but I didn’t know how to help so I figured the best thing to do was to just let her be. We never really talked about that day or any of the…

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