Divine Command Theory Case Study

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DCT, NLT and EE all help to achieve ethical theories because it distinguish and establishes the concept of what is considered morally right or wrong.

Divine Command Theory - DCT : essentially asserts that any particular behavior, thing, choice, action is good because God Commands it to be done or evil because God forbids it from happening. Thus, to remark that it is good for individuals to love our neighbors semantically as much as we love ourselves is considered one DCT Strength because it motivates individuals to treat individuals just as they want to be treated. One of DCT weakness is that it condemn the notion that it is wrong to commit murder because God Forbids murder but when read the scriptures according to the biblical aspects
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(Rachel’s, 53) “After all , before God issues his command, no reason for or against lying exist because God is the one who creates the reason. And so from a moral point of view, God’s commands are arbitrary. He could command anything whatsoever. This may reiterate according to information providing text to my understanding could be implying that if God Himself wrote the commandments and he warned us as human beings the laws and oaths as which we are to follow from biblical standpoint. God himself must have knew early before mankind was created that we all weren’t going to be able to fully follow the laws to perfection in a sense as humans beings not to sin or lie.God must have knew from the beginning even after Eve had biting from the fruit tempted from the desires from the evil serpent to eat the fruit which God Himself condemn to be morally wrong and she failed to do so and was disobedient according to Law of God. God knew that we we all as human beings where going to have struggle to receive what we all where all entitled to receive which was eternal life for all was now eventually ruptured , cast short and diminished from the wrongdoing of Eve downfall from failing to be …show more content…
Morality recognize what is considered wrong or right and good or bad . The Nature law is the belief that individual morality comes from nature. So since everything comes from nature then it is the will for people to have a divine purpose in order to live freely and live a good pleasing lifestyle that constitutes what is considered morally right from the eyes of others and practical what society considers to be right . Therefore immoral behavior or unacceptable behavior from other fellow human being to another is what can primarily jeopardize ones happiness and cause one to callous to the needs and happiness and desires to affect an individual from living in a pursuit of happiness and a substantial life style that suit one

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