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HIST-208 / AMERICAN HISTORY SINCE 1865 Spring 2013 / Professor Brock


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Frank Capra produced Divide and Conquer for The __WAR___ Department. This film deals with the period when the Nazi __BLITZKRIEG_____ reached its __HIGHEST___ point, and Nazi ___TREACHERY_____ reached its ___LOWEST___point.

3. 4. 5.

On Sept.1, 1939, German armies, without warning, blitzed into what country? ____POLAND____________ On Sept. 3, 1939 which two countries declared war on Germany? __FRANCE___ & ___BRITAIN_______ On Sep. 27, 1939, the Germans wiped out the country ___POLAND____ only to meet the army of what nation next? __RUSSIA_____


To avoid a _TWO-PRONGED WAR__ the Germans halted their drive east
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20. The French lost ____6___ million people during The Great War. 21. When a people, like the French, loses its faith in its own ideals, it is ripe for the insidious words of the ____DEVIL________.

22. In France, Hitler’s political ______TERMITES_______ gnawed away the binding of national unity so that the castle was ready to crumble. 23. German propaganda against French soldiers: “What is happening to your wives back home, the __BRITISH____ are stationed in your villages?” 24. May 10, 1940 the Germans took over Holland and despite promises otherwise, they bombed the city __ROTTERDAM___ killing 30,000 people in 90 minutes. 25. Advancing Allied troops met ___REFUGEES_______ on the road as part of a German terror strategy to entangle troops among terrified citizens, a new low in inhumanity. 26. The British (Expeditionary) force was pushed to __DUNKIRK (DUNQUERQUE)___ (a city) France where a miracle occurred. What was this miracle to save over 300,000 soldiers? __PRIVATE BOATS FROM BRITAIN SAVED THE TROOPS FROM ANNIHILATION_____ 27. The British were led by ____WINSTON CHURCHILL_________ who tried for years to warn about Hitler. 28. France was required to surrender in the same __CARRIAGE (RAIL CAR)____ where Marshal Foch accepted Germany’s surrender in The Great War. 29. Adolf Hitler said, “There will be a class of subject alien races; we need not hesitate to call them __SLAVES_____.” 30. General

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