Essay on Diversity

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Some people’s social background and individuality are different. This is diversity, this term means society is diverse.
Diversity is the way in which people are different from one another. Individuals differ due to individual’s religion, their language they speak, food and drink, disabilities, colour of their skin, social class and their physical appearance.

Social class
Social class is the grouping of individuals who share a common position in society. Social class is linked with an individual’s occupation, their income, wealth, beliefs and their lifestyles. They may have different health needs and opportunities, due to income. Lower class people tend to have poorer health and higher death rates.

Family Structure
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Examples of this would be music, R an B, and Reggae.
There are also films and shows from countries such as, China and India.
Art has many cultural influences which enriches our lives.

A benefit of living in a multi cultural society is the wide variety of foods that are available. Food chooses in supermarkets that have been grown in other countries is more than ever.
People today are experiencing more diverse foods such as Chinese and Indian through traditional meals from around the world in restaurants.

Cultural Enrichment
Due to the benefits of diversity, such as the increase of range of food types, greater access to languages, society is culturally enriched. People have more experiences and opportunities available to them, to enable them to have a wider perspective on people and life in general. People gain more knowledge and insight.
Diversity helps people be better, they understand and vale differences and recognise individuals needs. People will become better team workers and open to new ideas.

Benefits of diversity in society

There are numerous benefits of diversity. The wide range of cultures, expertise and skills within a multicultural society helps increase opportunities to access learning and new experiences.
This will help contribute to an improvement in health and social care with systems and structures.

Diversity benefits the economic, by contributes by those individuals working and

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