Diversity in the Workplace Essay examples

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Surface level diversity is the mixture of people who differentiate by sex, race or ethnicity, and the observably physically disabled. These differences typically cannot be changed and are easy to measure because they are visual. Deep level diversity are differences such as personality and attitudes that can be communicated through verbal and nonverbal behaviors. Diversity can be affiliated with socio-economic factors such as education, profession, job function, and social class. These three components of diversity affect how individuals operate in the workplace. Diversity can channel a sense of competitiveness, which has pros and cons. The
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Shifts in gender are believed to strike competitiveness in the workplace. There are now more women leaders in the corporate workforce. Firms that can lower their cost and enhance their differentiation through the effective management of their human resources have a competitive advantage (Academy of Management Journal,2012). There are numerous advantages that diversity can add to an organization. Marketing and customer service can be improved by diversification because of the relativity through the different employees that can relate to the diverse customer groups they are trying to attract. Employee creativity, problem-solving and decision-making through effective management of diverse perspectives can influence creative conflict.


This literature review will discuss the different levels of diversity, competitiveness and the factors that contribute to them within the work environment. (1) A overview of the two levels of diversity will be provided. (2) How managers effectively use diversity as a growth tool for their organizations and its importance. (3) Effects of diversity and teams will be analyzed. (4)The positive and negative effects competitiveness has in the work environment will also be reviewed. Furthermore Diversity is based on informational

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