Essay on Diversity in Your Community

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Diversity and Your Community

Kelley Boulet

Cultural Diversity

Sally Kwitkowski

My hometown is Wichita Kansas, in which I was surrounded by numerous cultures and ethnicities. Wichita is the biggest city in Kansas, located in the south-central part of the state on the Arkansas River and approximately 140 miles south of the capital city of Topeka. It is also conveniently located just 197 miles from Kansas City and 161 miles from Oklahoma City, both with over 1 million people in population. Growing up in the area I did, I was around people of different cultures and ethnicities which made me more aware of the differences between us. I was never one to prejudge someone because of the color or their
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I was very fortunate growing up that we never saw others as different because their skin was darker or lighter or if they could speak little or no English. Reading the text and other materials I noticed that there were some things about other races and the way they were treated in the past that I was unaware of. For instance, the slaves as they came over on ships from Africa, I was taught and believed that the white man was totally responsible for that and after reading other materials found that some of the slaves were brought over here by other Africans trying to make money off their own people. Some of the similarities and differences between me and the leaders in my community are we speak the same language and have similar values. We strive to make our community a better place for ourselves including those who happen to come through on their way to somewhere else. I am not sure that the minority groups in the community are represented as much as they should be, but that I think has more to do with the low number of them living in the community. Local leaders do try to reach out to outsiders in hopes that they will make the town their new home by showing how great the community is as a whole and what a great place it is to raise a family. Since I have been a resident of Halstead I have not witnessed any signs of inequalities to minorities, therefore I would have to say there is

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