Diversity: Women in the Boardroom Essay

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An old ancient Chinese proverb says, “Women hold up half the Earth.” The corporate world is on the forefront of believing these words. Women of the world today are being acknowledged as the key to economic success. Organizations all over the globe are learning the opportunities of opening up to diversity and adding women to their boardrooms. Ignoring talent in half the population is not the best method for an organization to create a successful and effective board. Urban Outfitters Inc. has not always been a top contender in the diverse corporate world. In this report, we will investigate how Urban Outfitters Inc. reluctantly took a step in the direction of updating the faces of their executive boardroom. We will discuss the …show more content…
This thought is driven by boardroom nature of a small group who are self-selected. Vacancies in a boardroom are predominately filled with people that look just like the people already in the room. Recently management has encountered pressures to make short-term decisions without long-term consideration. To address what makes a good boardroom, I believe not only the ability to make superb judgements for the bottom line of an organization, but also the adjectives include honesty, integrity, and respect for human capital. Organizations exist to make reliable, sustainable portfolios for their owners. Boardrooms face challenges of macroeconomics states in the market along with political and structural challenges in the boardroom.
I believe the framework in which companies exist resides in their boardroom. New policies on board diversity are emerging in the selection of those who are nominated. Policies provide diversity that includes a vast range of experiences and viewpoints. Boardrooms should not include or exclude based on race, color, gender, national origin or sexual orientation. Focus on expertise, skill set and background to complement an existing board. The quality of the boardroom is critical to the success of the organization and diversity is essential to superior decision-making. In prudent analysis over a six-year span, Credit Suisse determined in over 2,360 companies around the world investment in companies with

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