Diversity Within Universities : A Program At Bowling Green State University

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Most people had the perception that this case only dealt with schooling prior to the post-secondary level, however that is not true, according to Strayhorn and Johnson. With programs at universities such as the MACIE program at Bowling Green State University, which Pempho is a member of, these types of programs encourage a more diverse student body and supports the rulings of Brown v. Board of Education that separate is not equal. Another key piece of legislation that addresses diversity within universities is Grutter v. Bollinger. This case dealt with diversity being a factor in university admissions. Again, programs such as the MACIE program and schools that factor in diversity into the admission process are not looking to discriminate, but rather add new perspectives and different cultures into their student body as McBride concluded from analyzing Grutter v. Bollinger. The last piece of key legislation that is essential when we think of students of different cultural backgrounds and international students, such as Pempho, is Lau v. Nichols. As Campbell and Nieto and Bode established, language barriers are one of the biggest issues for students with different cultural background, especially international students. As Nieto and Bode stated about Lau v. Nichols, student’s rights were being violated when they were not being taught in a language they could understand. This applies to international students in a large way because if these students do not know English, they…

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