Diversity Within The Workplace And How They Affect Employees, Co Workers, And Managers

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Diversity in the Workplace
Diversity in the workplace can be explored from many different avenues, it can be explored through different multicultural aspects, or by different heterogeneities. There are definite positives and negatives to having both in a workplace. In this paper, it discusses the different types of diversity in the workplace and how they may affect employees, co-workers, and managers, in both negative and positive ways.
The Multicultural and the Workplace
One way to be diverse in a workplace is to be a multicultural individual. Multicultural individuals are individuals that internalize with 2 or more cultural schemas. A multicultural individual also internalizes with a cultural identity that consists of the knowledge, beliefs, values, norms, the habits and domain specific self-schemas [1](Markus, 1977). A multicultural person is usually a grandchild or child of a migrant. It may be difficult for an organization to use the skills of a multicultural in the workplace. There are two main reasons in which a company may not use the resources of their multicultural employee: the first being that it is not clear how employees vary in their contributions. Second, multicultural individuals are not quite understood in the context of organizations [2](Bell, 1990; Brennan & Thomas, 2010; Hong, 2010; Lee, 2010). Although, a significant amount of our workforce is made up of multicultural individuals, my belief is that we don’t know enough about others culture to…

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