Diversity Within Art Museum : Diversity Essay

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Diversity in Art Museum Curating
Diversity has been a major challenge in most institutions of art museums in the United States. Individuals responsible for the overall operations for institutions of Art in the U.S. have no full face. The U.S. Recent studies (When?) show that art museums are largely preoccupied with people from similar racial orientations in the U.S. Recent surveys on the composition of museums by gender and ethnicity in revealed the gross difference in gender and ethnic balance. In particular, recent surveys showed that about 30 percent of the art museum staffs are created from minority groups. This in no way implies that minority persons of were in Executive or decision-making positions as the majority of the workers in this case filled positions in security, finance, facilities and human resource departments (McClellan, 2008). Among the art museum curators, educators and conservators, only 4 percent comprised of African American groups and 3 percent comprised of Hispanic groups. The remainder of the group is represented by White Americans. This observation supports the observation above that non-white career seekers appear to have less on an interest or opportunity in a position related to Curating for .

While art museums in the U.S. have been credited with reasonable growth and advances towards practicing organizational equality, research shows that gender equality, ethnic and racial profile of the staffs remain less diverse than it could be presumed…

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