Diversity Within A Diverse Workforce Essay

887 Words Oct 23rd, 2016 4 Pages
As society becomes more accepting of diversity, organizations should follow suit. Diversity in the workplace can be measured in a number of ways, including age, ethnicity and experience, which incorporates both years of tenure and professional background. Although difficult to properly implement, organizations strive for team diversity in order to better represent their clientele and hopefully a team’s overall ability to solve a problem. This can either lead to an increase in talent, creativity, and thoughtful deliberation, or a more hostile work environment with noticeable biases and little to no cohesion.
A major advantage of a diverse workforce when implemented properly is an overall increase in creativity. Having a group that includes multiple backgrounds- including age, experience, gender, and ethnicity- will increase the sheer quantity of unique solutions devised to solve a specific problem. This, in turn, spurs innovation. Psychological studies indicate that these factors can occur because the mere presence of diversity suggests that groups of different backgrounds will have varying opinions. If handled properly by managers, this can solve problems by encouraging open deliberation. For example, a study found that juries of greater gender and racial diversity share more knowledge relating to the case, contemplate a decision longer, and rely heavier on facts, which can deliver a more successful verdict. By incorporating diverse cultures, new attitudes are also instilled…

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