Diversity Rubric Analysis

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For my leadership rubric I choose diversity. Understanding the diversity of a group is essential to creating a productive organization. Each person brings a history, culture, and a set of beliefs that shaped them into who they are now. These differences should be celebrated, because differences are what help organizations accomplish positive change. The way I approach leading is heavily focused on how I treat my followers. This is why I focus on understanding how each one is unique. Understanding diversity is an important concept that I try to consider when working with a group. After considering the diversity rubric this is my evaluation on how I currently preform. In addition I had Garrett Medellin look at the diversity rubric and make …show more content…
I grew up not being as exposed to the world of diversity. This is why I decided on level three, questioning and self-exploration. At this point I am aware of all the information that I lack on certain subjects. Because of this revelation I actively search out information about race, religion, sexual orientation, gender spectrum and general opinions over commonly discussed issues. I believe that in this globalized world people do need to become more aware of the differences in people in order to embrace humanity as a whole. The next step to becoming more culturally aware is to continue to gather more information. On the other hand Garrett was more generous and decided that I am in level five, validation of diversity. He believes that I already have enough understanding of different beliefs and practices. He describes how I take other people into consideration when working with and talking to others. I appreciate his insight into how he views my knowledge of cultural awareness. Before I am willing to agree with Garrett I know that there is more information to know. I will agree with Socrates when he says “One thing I know is that I know

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