Family Advocate Program Analysis

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In my role as a Family Advocate, I work very closely with the families in our program. Sometimes it is not easy to understand the different needs and approaches when working with children and families from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Even with the same group of people, we may not share the same culture or belief as Gonzales-Mena (2008) has discussed in her book. It is very important for me to understand diversity and become culturally competent in order to provide a better and more effective way to the families. Throughout this course, I have learned the expectations and aspect of different cultures and other forms of diversity. I have gain the knowledge that would help me to improve my understanding about other cultures. …show more content…
Become awareness of diversity leads to appreciating of families and their unique backgrounds that also to increase the quality and efficiency of services that producing better results. This course helped me to have another perspective of how diversity works in the realm of education. As we become a more diverse society, it is becoming important to teach cultural awareness. While doing my observation, it gave me the opportunity to see what I learned in this course content. I have seen the lack of multicultural education in early education settings. Many of the schools are promoting school readiness that concentrate more on expectations of children 's progress across the five domains of child development and early learning that will improve children 's readiness for kindergarten. Children will miss out if we don’t teach diversity in the classroom. They can only see thing from one point of view. Multicultural topic will give children and staff opportunities to learn about their similarity and differences. Diversity can describe as people from different race, ethnicities, and religions are coming together and forming a group or community. With different backgrounds, skills, attitudes and experiences, people can bring fresh ideas and …show more content…
We have the ability to understand and learn, and to build on these different cultural norms. It is the ability to understand the differences in the groups that make each unique student. This understanding informs and expands teaching practices in the classroom. An equitable learning environment is possible. If we don’t encourage the children to be proud of their culture and background while introducing to them the new culture, they will be left feeling lost and inferior. They feel unsure of who they are until they feel safe to claim their identity. Teachers need to understand other cultures and students need to feel valued and accepted. As you can see, teachers are expected to change classroom practices to support the learning of struggling students. The safe environment that would nurture the children during a difficult time of uncertainty while bridging the gap between old and new cultures, and that will make a difference in student learning. With the teacher’s support and safe environment, children can open up and explore the new environment. The students’ need is their teachers stop and hear their voices. Teachers need to listen to students and help them find connections. Every student has something to teach, but only if we listen and help them to read their world. Without learning about other

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