Essay Diversity Reflection : Diversity Of Diversity

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Assignment 5 – Diversity Reflection
As we discussed and experienced the issues of diversity, many emotions flooded me. First and foremost, awareness. I am very aware that diversity exists and that issues regarding this topic also exist. These problems exist because we as human beings tend to be very judgmental toward those whom we view as not being “like us”. We are ethnocentric -- seeing the world through their own narrow view and judging the world by their familiar “yardstick.” We resist change and often find ourselves clinging to those who are most similar to us in a variety of ways (i.e., age, gender, ethnicity, etc.). All of the above make it extremely tough to make the transitions that are required for diversity. This brings me to the next emotion I experienced, sadness.
I felt sadness due to the lack of acceptance I feel that individuals offer to diversity. Instead of accepting these people for who they are, just like everyone else, they are discriminated against and mistreated due to their perceive differences, which are not really differences at all. Although our society has become less conservative and more accepting of those who are “different”, we are still not at one-hundred percent. We as a society are not where we should be with acceptance and diversity.
Finally, I felt determined -- determined to make a difference. I believe individuals need to come together to inform and educate their communities about diversity, its issues, and why it is so important to…

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