Diversity, Race, And Socioeconomic Status Essay

712 Words Nov 25th, 2015 3 Pages
The question “What is diversity?” is a very difficult to answer. One could argue that there are multiple correct answers, and no wrong ones. A simpleminded person may argue it’s a simple distinction between white and black. When a sociologist defines diversity, they would have many many different ways to define it. A few they must incorporate into their definition are: culture, race, and socioeconomic status. Culture is, “the entire way of life of a group of people” (Ferris, Stein, 2014: 77). A sociologist would see this as the large distinction between people and what makes them diverse. The custom’s that people celebrate, their holidays. If someone from the United States was to move to another country, it could shock them with how different some cultures do things compared to the United States. Having a large and vast diversity must include people who have a different culture than you. Race, to sociologists, is now, “a social category, based on real or perceived biological differences between groups of people” (Ferris, Stein, 2014: 217). Our class has learned through the videos shown in class that there is no gene for someone’s race. Humans, however, have created categories to try to find differences among us, when there is little to no variation (Ferris, Stein, 2014: 217). A sociologist would still categorize this as a factor for diversity because humans have incorporated them into our society. It would be near impossible for people to ignore race. It is engraved into…

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