Diversity Personal Statement

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I have grown up in a country and time where progress has been definitive. It has been in the time that my feet imprinted this earth and my lungs breathed this air that the Supreme Court has passed a bill for marriage equality and in the last eight years my nation has elected the first man of color to lead our democracy. It is that man who has helped to cut carbon emissions while making true strides for equality. Equality is not found in the darkness of segregated spaces or within the confines of comfort. Tolerance and cooperation are constructed at the crossroads of diversity and conversation. Understanding other cultures is fermented as one is welcomed into a foreigners home as a guest and encouraged to break bread and share laughter. Progress …show more content…
I reside in a home on rolling hills and have a car to drive to and from. I have working legs and soul that is not plagued with constant worry. I am loved and told my future is bright. I have a bed and people to hold me when the world does not seem to make sense. I attend a nationally acclaimed high school which has provided me with this opportunity to go abroad. If I was to receive this scholarship it would not simply be another opportunity or thing to share around the table on Thanksgiving Day when I speak of my gratitude. This opportunity would change my life; my views would be uprooted and replanted leaving me in a molded and better state than before. My heart would be temporarily filled as my itch to travel and understand would be scratched. My heart would only be satisfied for a time because this would be the catalyst to a life of exploration and enrichment. I know that once my feet are planted in the soil of another nation and my word exchanged with new people, my spirit will eternally crave more; more people, more sights, more perspective, and more time. It can be assured that my time abroad would be used to exercise this opportunity to its fullest and implement the wisdom and understanding in all of my future interactions. In the case that I do receive the grant, I would make it my purpose to maintain and apply the understanding and perspective I receive to all of my work and bliss for my

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