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Anorexia Nervosa
Texas State University- San Marcos
Critchfield- Jones
COMM 1310: Fundementals of Human Communication
Leighann Gardner

Anorexia Nervosa My name is Alex. I have anorexia nervosa. Since I was thirteen years old I have struggled with the crippling fear of gaining weight and a completely distorted view of myself. I was insecure and focused on weight at a very early age and continuously obsessed with body image throughout high school. I grew up in Dallas, Texas until I was about twelve and then I moved with my father to a small town in south Texas. When I began 8th grade I started to develop as many girls and boys did around that time. It wasn’t terrible at first until I started gaining weight with puberty. I saw the
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Under medical scrutiny it was clear to my family that I needed to be helped. My father and I started attending regular therapy sessions and started communicating like never before.
Attending middle school in a new town without a mother figure and a healthy idea of femininity had thrown my judgment of myself off course. With the help of my father and I showing a mutual respect and him showing me an empathy he may not have displayed without knowing my struggle as a young girl created a pathway to the support I needed to face such a twisted part of my growing.
One of the most difficult aspects of this process was school. Once my problem became obvious kids started to pay attention. Though at the time I thought it was because I was overweight but now, with clearer perspective, it was because I began to look unhealthy. Many people asked what was wrong and that made me shy and introverted, almost unable to go to school. Even as the problem was addressed my junior year I felt as though I was being watched and judged as though for bad behavior. Many people, mostly girls, even made fun of my situation as if it were a choice to feel so isolated and have such a gnarly perception of health. That was the one that hurt the most. When I started to regain weight with much emotional aguish and physical struggle, I wanted to feel accomplished because my mind was telling me I was still large and grotesque. Rumors and remarks nearly tore down the effort I had made learning to

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