Diversity Of The Canadian Refugee Association Essay

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Diversity of Communication
The presentation from Jan representing the Canadian Refugee Association was very informative about the immense differences in cultural communication. Jan broadened the classes horizons with drills to physically implore the expectations of other cultures compared to our own. This knowledge is imperative in health psychology because if a health psychologist is wanting to assist someone of a different culture it is beneficial to form a good first impression, and culture influences are detrimental (Eun, Berger, Joohan & Min-Sun, 2014). There are immense differences in aberration in western cultures and secondary cultures this was implemented in an experiment were we explain the implications of a firm and weak handshake and our interpretation of one’s handshake. We also performed an exercise were we held conversations with each other while resisting eye contact; the purpose of this drill was to expose us to the vast divergence of interpretation of eye contact. Time management was also discussed because in western cultures we see time as money and live by the clock; alternatively, in other cultures time is not viewed as important and is intermittently observed by the sunrise and sunset. In order to understand diversity, we must open our minds to all cultures, and be willing to accept each other’s differences and uniqueness. Diversity of culture must be recognized in our own society and health care system, differences such as the firmness of one’s…

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