Diversity Of Dance : Santa Fe College Essay

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Diversity of Dance Santa Fe College’s Fine Arts department presented Earl Mosley’s Diversity of Dance on Thursday, October 27th at 8 pm. I had the pleasure of attending this amazing performance at Santa Fe College, in the Fine Arts hall, which set the tone with its beautiful ambience. Arriving ten minutes early allowed me to look over the program and get ready for the curtains to open. Each performance was unique and I look forward to speaking about each of them. The First dance was Oh My Love, which seemed to be lyrical or modern. There was eight dancers, equally men and women. The dance was mainly partner work which I enjoyed because it was very passionate as they move as one and come together in embrace. The costumes for this dance fit the mood and style as they were all different. As I move from one dancer to the next I can feel the emotion from each performer in a different way. One dancer passionately leaped onto a man’s shoulders as if she was a feather and he placed her down ever so gently. It was like she needed him and he never wanted to hurt her. There was some chair work in this dance and it kept the piece moving. I think it might have symbolized something holding the couples down and united. All in all in was a great piece and they all worked well together. The next performance was Take Five, performed by Jamal Story. This solo piece was a good break from the busy group just before him. This dance made me smile and I think the audience enjoyed it as well.…

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