Diversity Of A Diverse Work Environment Essay

735 Words Nov 24th, 2015 3 Pages
A diverse work environment is essential in promoting the goals and expectations of any company. Diversity is a concept that helps reduce discrimination, increases the variety of ideas, and is helpful to incorporate a wide range of perspectives instead of just one class of individuals. “Diversity of employees is nurtured to ensure that the best ideas and talents are utilized to provide for the growth out our business” (as cited in Muir, 1996, p. 476). The concept of diversity is important for any company to implement in order to reach a wider target area because people of different backgrounds can affect and reach a variety of people. Also, diversity in the workplace allows for everyone to be unique and be the person he/she was created to be. Accepting diversity will help promote employee satisfaction and engagement because no employee has to change who he/ she is in order to work at the company. The concept of diversity can be shown and implemented in many different ways and in Dynamo’s situation Mr. Jackson has some qualifications that make him a diverse candidate for the plant manager position. The first diverse characteristics the Mr. Jackson possess lies with his age. He is the youngest candidate applying for the position, which makes him different and helps him bring younger and newer ideas to the company. Even though the workforce is aging and discrimination takes place against older individuals applying for job, in this case it is just the opposite. Mr. Jackson…

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