Diversity Management At The Global Labor Pool Essay

1420 Words Dec 19th, 2016 6 Pages
Introduction As markets expand from host countries to neighboring countries and across the globe, the labor pool and current employees not only grows in size and talent, but also in age, gender, race, ethnicity and religion. Creating a well diverse workforce from the billions of members in the global labor pool has its challenges but can also provide an organization with a revitalization to past business practices. As the integration of global businesses continues to spread across the globe, diversity management is the key to continued success, as well as gaining a competitive advantage in a respected industry. As markets continue to grow and consumer bases increase, organizations need to begin to look at the challenges cultural diverse work forces present, the effective ways of managing the varying cultural differences across a workforce and the additional benefits diversification can bring the overall organization.
As companies begin to increase their diversity in terms of the workforce, certain issues and challenges will surface that management and owners must face. Increasing the nationalities and the cultures in an organization’s workforce will undoubtedly present issues in terms of languages spoken and terminology across employees (Ewoh, 2013, p109). While looking at national diversity in nursing Pamel Husting found a number of guidelines that helped cut down on miscommunications during shift meetings that included distributing agendas, avoiding…

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