Diversity Is The Most Dangerous Thing For A Society Essay

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“Diversity may be the hardest thing for a society to live with and perhaps the most dangerous thing for a society to be without” William Sloane Coffin Jr. This paper will look at diversity as an opportunity rather than a threat and will discuss different aspects in regard to leading and managing across cultures especially focusing on US leaders. Leaders have the first say in making organizations culturally inclusive and therefore, they have to be culturally intelligent avoiding stereotypes and possessing a globe mind by acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills to inspire their subordinates of diversity competitive advantages.
Diversity in a Globalization age
Hofstede (1980) defined culture as the collective mental programming of the people in an environment. It is not a characteristic of individuals; it encompasses a number of people who were conditioned by the same education and life experience (p. 43). A typical organization in our globalization age has an extensive range of people who have personal and cultural differences as they belong to different cultural groups (Merchant, n.d.). Accordingly, multiculturalism doesn’t necessarily concern organizations that have its offices spread over more than one country.
The USA is a multicultural country where people from all over the world co-work harmoniously in the same country and consequently US organizations are, by necessity, multicultural entities where they come face to face with people from a multiplicity of cultures,…

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