Diversity in the Workplace Essay

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Diversity in the Workplace
Roberta Smith
University of Phoenix

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The aides were only there to help the teachers, not the students. In this writer’s four year of working with the same students, the class had it third teacher. This new teacher was still in the progress of getting his full certification. He was working under this writer’s, substitutions teaching degree and allowed this writer to run the class, as he had no knowledge of the students. Several African American males are in the classroom and only one African American girl. The comment was made several times the first year that the girl joined the secluded classroom from the boys that she was not family and therefore not the boy’s boss. The comment confused this writer and the ideal that only family could be the boss was lost. One day the youngest of the boys had all he could take of the girl telling him what to do. They started yelling and screaming at each other and the boy had to be removed from the classroom. As this writer tried to talk with the boy, he refused to look at this writer as we talked. This writer tried to explain to him several times that it was being taking as disrespectful for his lack of looking at each other in the eyes, he continued to look at the floor. Later in the day, a coworker approached stating that he had over heard our conversation and thought he could be of some help with the misunderstanding. Still confused, this writer was not

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