Diversity In Maya

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The culture in Guatemala between gender is very diverse. The cultural aspects of the Maya women have differed from when they live in the US. I am going to be talking about the different lifestyle between Guatemalan women in the US and back home. The women 's task changes in various ways because of the American way of life, food, technology and education all of these things affects immigrant Maya women. The undocumented immigrant women have a harder time having freedom in the US because the way they live have changed. I will be showing examples of the two women 's lives and how it differs and which is better. In Guatemala Men and women perform separate but equal tasks. Man aren 't the only ones to provide food for
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The objects that women used in the spinning and weaving processes were different, depending on the social class of the women. Noble women had the good fortune to use dye in textiles. Also, the products that were used in the spinning were different; the noble women used higher quality fibres. Women 's textile work is not a mundane task. The tapestries being woven at the time of the city 's destruction were works of art, no longer only constructed for a particular household purpose. The fact that these works of art were being created suggests that there was a market for them. Women thus held power in their ability to work thread and to create something that retained a …show more content…
It is very hard crossing the border and leaving children and family behind. Coming from Guatemala the kanjobals women have to make living arrangements living in the urban part of Los angles that are different from back home and some that include electricity and cars. The women who are used to washing clothes with hands at river uses quarters and machines at a laundromat. They go from living in a bigger more free area to a compacted urban area. Both men and women are new to certain appliances like American products like hot dogs, microwaves or strange cleaning supplies. The women don 't wear their traditional clothes the pupils outside of a home, so they tend to hide their identity. Life is harder in the US for many women immigrants, and they cannot interact with mainstream society in those areas especially if they might be undocumented immigrants it would be hard to trust any American. Maya women who have got to know the country more have started to play basketball tournament organized by the community and Guatemalan community outreach services also help religious places. Some of their traditions have been lost among coming to the US. Research has shown that some families who gain citizenship mocve to Houston community and adopt American Texan culuture and the women modernize theirh hairstyle and clothes. In mayan culure, birth ceremonies are extremally

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