Diversity In Cork Forest

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Register to read the introduction… Forests support an intricate ecosystem comprised of numerous rare and endangered species (Amorimcork 2012). Aside from erosion prevention, cork oaks provide a range of other protective services. Cork oaks are natural barrier against forest fires, which are common in the summer. Due to the weak combustion of cork, the bark acts as an outer layer of skin protecting (Amorimcork 2012) the inner tissue of the tree preserving a crucial habitat and nutrients. Cork oaks represent the base structure directly and indirectly supporting many trophic levels. Improper harvesting techniques, and the use of cork alternatives (metals and plastic) spawns the loss of trees. The regular stripping of bark facilitates to natural regeneration process (Amorimcork 2012). The decline of cork oaks causes habitat loss. Consequently a decrease in cork trees causes a significant drop in biological diversity, due to the lack of shelter and resources necessary for survival. A drastic loss of biological diversity could have much larger ramifications upon other

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