Diversity Experience Essay

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My Diversity Experience
Metropolitan State University


The wheelchair experience was an eye opening experience for me. While I was conducting it, I had some very interesting, embarrassing, exhausting and informative incidents that I can use to my personal and professional advantage in the future. I will provide an analysis of skills demonstrated while conducting the experience along with specific examples to enlighten you on the experience. I have taken into consideration the environmental barriers that I experienced along my four hours often-agonizing journey, and will present a description of architectural and transportation barriers. Social reactions and personal reactions to the wheelchair experience will also be
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I saw pity, people feel sorry for persons with disabilities which tends to lead to patronizing attitudes.
I read that able-bodied people usually consider someone with a disability who lives independently or pursues a profession, to be brave or special for overcoming a disability. But most disabled people do not want accolades for performing day-to-day tasks, they just simply learned to adapt by using their skills and knowledge just like everybody adapts to being tall, short, strong, fast, easy-going, bald, blonde etc...
I also read that many people are afraid that they will do or say the wrong things around someone with a disability, so therefore avert them their own discomfort by avoiding the disabled.
I heard some stereotypes about people with disabilities, for example many believes that all people who use wheelchairs are docile or compete in paralympics, and that all people with disabilities are sad and bitter.
I also heard that, people assume that an individual's disability negatively affects other senses, abilities or personality traits, or that the total person is impaired. For example, many people shout at people who are blind or don't expect people using wheelchairs to have the intelligence to speak for themselves.
I learned that people with disabilities are often dismissed as incapable of accomplishing a task without the opportunity to display their skills. In fact, people with quadriplegia can drive

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