Diversity Experience : The United States Supreme Court Essay

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Diversity Experience
June 2015, the United States Supreme Court made same-sex marriages legal in all 50 states. People across the Nation are divided on this issue. I found myself feeling indifferent on the Supreme Court’s decision. I know I would never want to marry a person of the same sex, so the decision by the Supreme Court had no effect on me personally. Some religions are against same-sex marriages, and consider homosexuality as a sin and immoral. I grew up as a Southern-Baptist, and I too looked upon homosexuality as deviant behavior. Over time, my view has changed. I disagree on suppressing a person’s rights because of their sexual orientation.
Having the opportunity to travel and seeing different cultures, I have come to believe that people have the right to be happy. If I were not afforded this opportunity, my view would most likely remained the same. Sometimes I find myself conflicted between what society says is okay and my core beliefs. Even if society things certain things are acceptable, my core beliefs will never change. I do not consider myself homophobic, but in the past, my actions and statements were heterosexism. I personally do not identify with the LGBT lifestyle, and I do not condone hatred and maltreatment to those who do.
For me to gain a better understanding of what issues face the LGBT community in higher education, I chose to attend a LGBT function on the campus of North Carolina State University titled “Forgotten Queer History Lecture.” This…

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