Essay about Diversity, Cultural, And Socioeconomic Backgrounds

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When most individuals hear the word diversity they immediately relate the word to race. Although diversity has somewhat to do with race, I believe that diversity is any difference an individual may have. Diversity includes temperament; gender; a range of language, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds; differences in ability, cognitive styles, and learning preferences; and students with disabilities. As a future educator I will serve as a cultural mediator to guide students to think critically about diversity, reduce bias, and promote acceptance and understanding among diverse students.
Through various experiences, I have been honored to experience numerous diverse individuals in my lifetime through family, friends, and travel. These experiences have made me appreciate the differences each of us obtains. Being Hispanic, I have always been in an environment where both English and Spanish have been spoken, so I am most knowledgeable with these languages, but I have been fortunate enough to experience and learn about a variety of people and cultures through travel. It is stimulating to acquire understanding about new cultures and I have dedicated myself to continue to learn and visit various places to absorb new people and cultures. Although I have experienced diversity through different cultures, I also experience diversity every day with a unique society. Everyone is diverse through every difference of idea, opinion, and hobby they have and I love to learn through these…

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