Diversity Case Study

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Diversity: Creates conflicts or is productive for a team?
As we get more and more global and explore our horizons, diversity is inevitable for all of us. We deal with it on a day to day basis. A lot of us have left our native places and are travelling around the work for different purposes. People still have myths and believe in stereotypes when they relate anyone to the country they come from. Every initial relationship is based on biases and between people with minimum diversity in their culture. People unknowingly consider the age, gender, religion and social culture of an individual to form an image that forms an impression about every individual.[1] The work experience of every individual shapes their personality. I think that the type
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Romana is from Italy while Nikhil, Saily and I are from India, but we belong to different places and have completely different backgrounds. Our experiences and origins define the way we are. A diverse team creates a dynamic environment and can be highly beneficial. All three of them have more experience than I do. Nikhil and I have worked in the Information Technology field. We have a similar work experience and it’s easy to correlate. Saily has experience in the media industry and has worked as a manager while Romana has worked in a hospital in quality assurance. All these fields comprise of different work environments and style of working. It also effects the way we deal with our colleagues in a team. Nikhil and Romana are currently working with New York University but as we all are full-time students at New York University, time was never a problem for us. We always managed to arrange meetings and spent enough time with each …show more content…
In our team, the irrelevant and small conflicts were always avoided. But on a later stage, we started to understand each other’s personality types and reactions and adapted each other on our style of working and maintaining relationships. I have always served as a facilitator to the group. The one to stop all the heated discussions and clarify another peer’s concept has been my undefined role in the team. I would personally tried to improve on my communication style. My delayed responses might have had some wrong interpretations in the group initially. I had a habit of taking time to reply. I read everything instantly but I took time to process before I reply. I understood that this could impact the communication of the team negatively and caught up during the semester. I made sure my responses were not delayed beyond a certain limit for the team.
It was only in the sixth class when we were given a chance to rate our team on different aspect did we realize that we are quite happy with each other except some situations that need to be taken care of. That team task helped us a lot to understand each other’s perspective and interpretations in the team. We all were very similar on our interpretations and understood that the team needs to focus on using our time and resources

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