Diversity At The Ground Employees Essay

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Diversity in any type of organization is beneficial for all individuals involved to include top management to the ground employees. Having diversity in a workplace encourages tolerance, acceptance and more rounded place for all employees to work for. It gives persons the ability to grow and to also go up the ladder in the company. Diversity in the military has always been a problem involving women and minorities, but in the last decade there has been a real focus on the lack of minorities in the officer ranks. Women and minorities have only a small percentage of being senior officers compared to the more than seventy percent of whites in the active duty military. In 2008, Congress ordered a report; the Military Leadership Diversity Commissioned (MLDC) researched the armed forces of the Army, Navy, Coast Guard, Marines and Air Force. The data was not surprisingly that there needs to be more focus on recruitment of more minorities and especially in the officer ranks. Why is having diversity in the Armed Forces so important? One might ask. As the MLDC report concluded that having “diversity among the leaders so the service will reflect better the racial, ethnic, and gender mix in the armed forces and in American Society (msnbc.com). Minorities in the armed forces are overrepresented in the enlisted ranks and they are proportionately low in the officer side of the house. MLDC data reports that seventy seven percent of senior officers in the active duty military are white,…

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