Diversity And The Steps Apple Inc. Essay

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Greetings, Mr. Cook, I greatly appreciate the opportunity to present you with the following information which discusses diversity inclusion within your company. Being a multinational world’s largest information technology company, Apple has successfully battled a number of lawsuits, out of which few have been on the basis of discrimination and diversity. Nevertheless, amidst of these challenges the company has made substantial development in these areas. The purpose of this memo is to highlight the issues of diversity and the steps Apple Inc. has taken in order to ensure that every individual is valued by preventing inequities through diversifying the company.

Since April 1, 1976, Apple Inc. has grown into the world’s largest technology by its total assets, as the world’s second-largest mobile phone manufacturer, and has become the first U.S. company to be valued at over $700billion. Established by Steve Jobs, Apple Inc. was earlier named as Apple Computer, Inc. but in the year of 2007 the company’s name was soon renamed as Apple Inc. chiefly to reflect its mainstream focus in the direction of consumer electronics.

Perception & Reputation
The company website’s homepage takes you directly to the featuring products and guides you to its promotional key products. However, the company also has other links directing to what it values such as environment, supplier responsibility, accessibility, privacy, education and last but not least inclusion and diversity.…

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