Diversity In Marriage

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Prior to moving to Charlotte, I lived in a very small town, therefore I did not often hear about diversity and the way it was related to current day topics. However, within my first semester at the University at North Carolina at Charlotte, I realized that diversity is present in an abundance of topics. Many of these had never been brought to my attention, such as diversity among relationships.
An intimate relationship is a characterized by two individuals sharing their innermost feelings. Social exchange theorists view the stages of development in a relationships as reflecting the unfolding of social exchanges - this involves the costs and rewards of sustaining the relationship. Throughout each stage, favorable factors lead partners towards
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Over the years, the reasons for marriage have definitely changed. Historically, marriage was used as a way to help individuals adjust to personal and social needs as well as provide a structured home life and financial support for children. In current day America, the traditional ideal notion of marriage is a union based on love and mutual attractions that brings two people together to have offspring and form a nuclear family (“The diversity of marriage and culture,” 2012). Therefore, it is based on meeting the love and family needs of individuals. Americans tend to marry people that they find appealing; they are usually similar in terms of physical attractiveness and hold almost identical beliefs on crucial topics (Nevid & Rathus, …show more content…
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