Essay on Diversity and Ethics in the Workplace

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Employment Discrimination is and has been one of the most common forms of repression in different societies and cultures in all times.
Global and cultural diversity are the biggest and most important challenges that organizations face in nowadays. The diversity of the workforce means that organizations are becoming more heterogeneous in terms of age, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, ethnic origin, for health, occupation, etc. Diversity is an advantage in this global world, and it cannot be considered as a disadvantage in obtaining opportunities (McGuire & Mammed, 2010).
The most common policies by companies to demonstrate their commitment to diversity is increasing and perform actions on gender equality within its
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The process of selection of personal should always be based on competencies on the abilities of the person, and it should apply equal treatment based on respect for diversity and equality staff selection formed in diversity (Schneider & Northcraft, 1999).
The importance of social responsibility
Handling ethical dilemmas as discrimination and making ethical decisions about that are important parts of being a professional. In the practice of the career, it is up to the professional to adhere to high principles of ethical conduct on behalf of the society, but as professionals, the decisions that we made will have a direct effect on society as therefore it is important that a high ethical standard be maintained in our careers (Buono, 2002).
Every individual may have a different ethical outlook due to their surrounding and life experience but as professional we should always be aware of the effect our actions may not only have on our colleagues or organizations but also on our communities. The value and ethical standards that a professional adopts are long-term assets in life. As individual we should act in a manner which will help society even if the law does not command it.
The social inclusion must be a social goal to be achieved, in which professional must actively collaborate and work with other social actors to make societies more just and where diversity

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