Diversity And Diversity Of Diversity Essay

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Looking back at my first assignment in this class, I can clearly see now how little I knew about what diversity really meant. I thought I “knew” the meaning of diversity because I moved from another country, but diversity it is more than speaking a different language. Diversity is the embrace of dissimilarities of people from different cultural backgrounds. This class gave me the tools to reflect on how my personal experiences taught me about diversity and how I have embraced it in different situations.
Moving to the United States made me learned much more about diversity. As I have mentioned in previous papers, I don’t think I would embrace diversity the same way if I would have stayed in my home country, Chile. Although I consider myself very open when it comes to the embrace of diversity, I do believe that I need to work on other aspects of diversity. For example, I need to learn to effectively work with diverse group of people. In addition, I must support fair treatment for all employees.
I believe diversity competency is essential in any work environment, especially in this country where we encounter people from all over the world. There is so much diversity in this country, and sometimes it can be challenging to change a person’s prejudice, but I believe we all need to make changes in order to build a respectful and cultural diversity.
In addition, diversity competency encourages people to interact with a wide variety of people. For Example, when I moved to the United…

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